Thank you internet: Kung Fu (NES)

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|12.11.06

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Ludwig Kietzmann
December 11th, 2006
Thank you internet: Kung Fu (NES)
Browsing the internet (or "surfing," if you prefer) very often feels like partaking in a twisted treasure hunt, laced with non-sensical clues and unrelated rewards. You start out looking at a review of the latest Bond film, you follow a link here, do a search there and before you know it, you're downloading a hilarious video of a walrus being launched from a catapult. Just such a situation lead us to become briefly obsessed with Kung Fu, that classic face-kicking adventure on the NES. It would be completely inconsiderate if we didn't share some of our findings.

Find four Youtube videos embedded after the break -- if you only watch one, make sure it's the last one.

Kung Fu: Now with speed! This tool-assisted speed run shows Kung Fu being completed in under four minutes. Jump, kick. We've got to remember that one.

Kung Fu: Now with nudity! (NSFW?) It's Kung-Fu, but naked. We're as disturbed as you are.

Kung Fu: now with live-action kids! Marvel as a kid punches, kicks and decapitates his way to victory. Odd, we don't remember decapitation in the original game ...

Kung Fu: now with intrigue! Also: volleyball, aerobics, murder and meandering mushrooms.
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