MacBook Pros used in business setting causes surprise

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MacBook Pros used in business setting causes surprise
Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek writes today about his shock at seeing MacBook Pros used at a business meeting. Macs, he says, are a rarity in his world, which is a festival of Dells, Thinkpads and other PCs.

Hesseldahl relates his experience where a person's MacBook Pro caught the eye of some HP execs. "That notebook you've got there is a challenge to us," CEO Mark Hurd reportedly said. He promised to send someone down to see the MacBook owner to talk about HP notebooks and had some business cards dropped off.

MacBooks might not be de rigeur in Wall Street financial circles, but I'm surprised at how surprised Hesseldahl and the HP folk were to see people actually using them in work-related situations. Maybe these PC-folk just need to get out more.

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