Arrr, matey: New Pirates of the Caribbean MMO deets

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|12.16.06

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Disney's upcoming MMO based on the wildly successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise released some new assets this week, and you can peep the screenshots after the jump. For the more adventurous among you, try finding the developer's video diary on the Disney site here. It ran our browser into rocky shores more than once, and we had to restart, so beware.

This game won't match the depth of World of Warcraft, and it's looking a bit like MTV's Virtual Laguna Beach with pirate outfits on, but we have to admit it looks fun. You get to outfit your own pirate, rig out your ship and set out to make a name for yourself. Plus, you'll be able to interact with characters from the game, including Captain Jack Sparrow. Who knew that Disney would get such mileage out of Depp basically playing "a gay Keith Richards"? Those are the Disney execs words, not ours ... but if Keith Richards was a gay pirate, that might be pretty spot-on.

The game runs on PCs and not Macs, which is a bit ironic considering that Disney bought Pixar earlier this year ... which was owned by Apple head honcho Steve Jobs. We suppose it's fitting, considering that most pirates are on PCs anyhow *ducks incoming cannon fire*.

Check out the screenshots after the jump, and drink up me hearties, yo ho!
Click all of the images for larger versions.

Is that a gas mask on his chest? Is this Assassin's Creed all over again?

Looks like he has a bone to pick with you! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Flying female pirates with large breasts? Check.
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