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Heavenly Star: From Lumines II to iTunes

Kyle Orland
Kyle Orland|December 15, 2006 1:50 PM
Q Entertainment recently announced that Heavenly Star, an original song from the recently released Lumines II, is now available on the iTunes Music Store in the U.S. and Japan. What's more, five remixes of the song will be coming to Apple's download service soon, and the song and video will be available as part of the "Heavenly Star Pack" for the Xbox 360's Lumines Live in January. Because, really, who doesn't enjoy paying more for content that should have been in the original game. Cheap gamers who want to sample the Miziguchi-produced song and video without paying can check it out below.

Hopefully this announcement will open the floodgates and lead to a wide variety of original game music being made legally available through simple download instead of expensive import. We'd personally love to see some OSTs for Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy and DDR, thrown up on iTunes. Until then, I guess there's always OCRemix. What game soundtracks would you like made available on iTunes?

[Via GameSetWatch]