MotorStorm tops Japanese sale charts

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|12.16.06

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MotorStorm tops Japanese sale charts
To be brief, MotorStorm has become the top-selling PS3 game so far in Japan, shooting up to #1 on Japanese sales charts. Not saying too much, since there are a multitude of games sitting on the shelves but a severe lack of systems to play them on. Even so, by December 10th, MotorStorm sold 8,000 copies and has probably passed the 10,000 mark by now.

If the game has done so well in Japan, where off-road racing (actual off-roading) and western-developed titles don't really do well by themselves, then how will the rest of the world react? Good question, but we all know the answer. This is going to be a fun game and many people will grab it. Argue about graphics, the SIXAXIS, or whatever, but the truth is, this is a great showcase title for the PS3. Especially for the European debut! This should be good news for all of us, so let's pop out that bottle of New Year's champagne early, eh? No noisemakers, please. Those suck.
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