Line Rider adaptation for Wii, DS

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Line Rider adaptation for Wii, DS
Line RiderHoping to capitalize on Line Rider's current buzz, inXile Entertainment has snatched up the rights to the Flash-based "toy," looking to release Wii and DS adaptations of the 'student project turned internet phenomenon' in just a few short months (by spring). This move follows Sony's acquisition (and forthcoming release) of another popular Flash project, flOw.

While Wii and DS hardware both compliment Line Rider's simple just-draw gameplay mechanic, inXile will have to expand its versions beyond what's offered in the original, which should be playable, for free, via Wii's Opera browser. The developer has confirmed that multiplayer will be added; and we'll assume that enhanced visual and audio effects will be considered. inXile must also include the ability to share Line Rider designs with friends, as this feature is what has propelled the Flash application's success (see YouTube).

Play around with Line Rider.
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