Sega Sammy to adopt Hello Kitty

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James Ransom-Wiley
December 26th, 2006
Sega Sammy to adopt Hello Kitty
hey, kittySega Sammy and Hello Kitty toymaker Sanrio have agreed to form a "strategic alliance" that will likely re-introduce the anthropomorphized feline to video game platforms. To date, Sanrio has worked with a mess of game publishers -- ranging from Namco and THQ to lesser-known companies like ValuSoft and Typhoon -- to release a haphazard catalogue of Hello Kitty titles. The partnership with Sega Sammy will likely spur a more aggressive and consistent campaign that could also include a line of pachinko machines.

While Hello Kitty remains a globally recognizable brand, its popularity has no doubt diminished since the late 90s. With an uninspired history in the games medium, Sega Sammy's gonna have to spend some solid hours submerged in the think tank before attempting a jump-start.
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