iPod vending machines...succeed?

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When I first heard of the whole buy-an-iPod vending-machine concept, I dismissed it as yet another bad idea that had to play itself out. I couldn't imagine anyone ever actually buying an iPod at one of these machines. Looks like I was way wrong.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports (subscription) that a single iPod vending machine sold a thousands of dollars worth of iPods in one month. A VP of Business Traveler Services is quoted as saying, "We've done about $55,000 in a month in gross sales just for the one on Concourse A. This is becoming the future for some high-end products in places like airports where space is at a premium." If you're willing to drop $349 plus tax, the iPod is yours. And it's a change from all those salty treats you normally get at a vending machine.

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