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Thomson debuts LYRA X3000 PMP due for DirecTV 2 Go support


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Thomson just introduced their new LYRA X3000 PMP featuring a 3.6-inch 320x240 screen, 20GB HDD, and forthcoming DirecTV 2 Go support. The device does the time-shift thing with real-time MPEG4 recording from any analog video source (they include a docking base to make it easier to record stuff), and can offload video from a DirecTV at 10x speed once DirecTV rolls out the functionality. They claim a four hour battery life with constant video playback, and include a universal IR remote control for those times when handheld is too close. The unit weighs eight ounces, is 0.75-inches thick, and should be out later this month with an MSRP of $399.

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