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Super Secret Apple Rumors Podcast 062 - 01.11.2006

Wow, today's Super Secret Apple Rumors Podcast has some pretty intense material! In addition to getting our hands on Steve Jobs's audio feed from the Macworld keynote he gave yesterday, we also got it straight from the horse's mouth that the new Intel laptop -- dubbed the MacBook Pro -- is due next month, as well as such new gear as the resuscitated iPod remote with FM transmitter, iLife and iWork 2006, and even an Intel-based iMac. But the real juicy gossip was the teaser he gave us about the next iPod: apparently he has it on authority that it'll be freaking mammoth, like 8-pounds!

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Steve Jobs

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

1:32:16, 44.2MB, MP3

00:00 Welcome to Steve's super secret podcast
00:15 Macworld 2006 Keynote
00:29 Retail stores update
09:00 iPod remote / FM Tuner
10:36 New iPod ad featuring Wiston Marsalis
12:56 Apreture Ad
16:17 New widgets
17:57 iLife '06
22:04 Photocasting
31:47 iMovie
37:00 iDVD
38:27 Garageband, with podcasting studio
39:57 Super secret Apple rumors
44:46 iWeb
59:31 Apple Intel
1:03:08 The Intel iMac
1:08:22 Universal binaries for pro apps
1:10:18 Office for Mac
1:16:00 Apps under Rosetta
1:18:16 Apple Intel ad
1:19:28 One more thing....
1:20:34 Performance per watt comparison
1:25:24 MacBook Pro with FrontRow
1:25:58 MagSafe
1:27:36 MacBook specs


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