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LabelFlash vs. LightScribe: Tom's goes for the burn

Marc Perton

We still label our CDs and DVDs the old-fashioned way: with a Sharpie. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the idea of the laser-etched labels that LightScribe and LaserFlash drives are capable of. Tom's Hardware took a close look at both technologies, along with supported drives and software. Not surprisingly, the site found a lot more hardware and software for LightScribe, which has been around longer and has broad industry support. LabelFlash from NEC has yet to be formally introduced in the US, and requires NEC hardware as well as hard-to-find, more expensive media (over $2 for a CD-R). Of course, LightScribe blanks aren't a bargain either, at about $1 each for a CD-R. Maybe we'll just stick with our Sharpie for now.

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