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Japan chooses its all-time top 100 list of games; Western games feel left out

Dan Choi

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Famitsu has released the results of Japanese gamers' votes for the 100 best games of all time with Final Fantasy X sitting pretty at the top of the heap--and Western games almost getting completely shut out.

While this blogger thrills to the high placement of a strategy RPG like Tactics Ogre in the list, there's an odd amount of cultural shock in seeing at least 7 of the top 10 being traditional RPGs, something you'd rarely see in a similar Western list. And has anyone heard of Machi: Unmei no Kousaten for the Sega Saturn? It's apparently #5 on the Famitsu list.

At any rate, to compensate for our sorry Western developer showing with Japanese gaming otaku today, here's a list of other lists compiled a lot closer to America (okay, they're probably all from America) that better fit our gaijin sensibilities. Wait, the original Super Mario Bros. is #21 on the Japanese list? That's just crazy, man... ker-razy! (Crazy like a raccoon?)

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