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ASUS WL566gM and WL106gM hop on MIMO WiFi

Ryan Block, @ryan

You can sit around waiting for the rest of your life for the IEEE to get their freaking act together and ratify 802.11n, or you can just get out there and buy some faster wireless gear. Often we'd prefer the former -- you know, for standards compatibility later -- but there are more than a few companies out there who'd argue this has all gone on too long, and ASUS is the latest to whip out a 240mbps Airgo-based MIMO 802.11 series, including their new WL566gM router, and the WL106gM PC card, which should go for $129 and $95, respectively. Unfortunately ASUS seemed to want to keep their actual products under wraps, so don't mind the image of one of their wired routers we had to use in the place of the real deal.

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