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Apple tech support chat live

Scott McNulty

Jan wrote about this the other day, but it looks like Apple has made tech support via chat live for the whole Mac community. Simply sign in with your Apple ID, and you are  presented with a list of products Apple knows you have (you do register your Apple products, right?), a list of possible issues, and a box into which you have to provide the serial number of said product.

After filling out the form you are whisked away to a chat with an Apple representative. Neat.

Thanks, hongkongtechkid.

Update: It looks like, at the moment, they are only supporting iMacs and iPods.  Since I have an iMac and an iPod (both registered with Apple) I was under the mistaken impression that the website had magically populated the list for me. Nope, those are just the two products they are supporting via chat for the moment.

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