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Next Oblivion downloads promise more than horse getups


Bethesda revealed details about two Oblivion content downloads that will be released "in the coming weeks." The Orrery (the mysterious and broken device that's locked behind a door in the Arcane University lobby) download will feature a full-fledged quest, which will task players with rebuilding the celestial-tracking machine. Once reconstruction of the Orrery is complete, players will gain access to special powers based on lunar cycles. GameSpot speculates that one such power could be lycanthropy.

The second download will feature the Frostcrag Spire, a wizard's tower, located in the snow-capped mountains of Cyrodill. While it's unclear if a quest will accompany the tower (maybe it just needs to be cleared of its current inhabitants), aspiring mages can take up residence there and will be able to grow herbs, craft spells, and learn to summon atronachs.

Both downloads will be available to PC users for $1.99 (the same price as the controversial horse armor), but Bethesda has declined to announce costs for the Xbox 360 version.

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