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MacBook Pros now available in 20 colors - from ColorWare

David Chartier

It seems like the rumors of multi-colored MacBook Pros were true, though Apple wasn't the one who dipped them in paint. ColorWare, purveyors of colorized high-end electronics, has added the 15-inch MacBook Pro (sorry, no 17-inch - yet) to their array of products you can purchase new and colorized. They also offer their colorizing service for those who need to add some colorful zing to that old 'n busted product you bought mere weeks ago.

Their highly-secretive colorizing process costs $449 (not including shipping) for Apple's pro notebook line, which also includes the new MacBook Pro. A base model 1.83 GHz MacBook Pro purchased from ColorWare in something other than Apple's standard titanium grey will cost $2449, while the higher-end 2.0 GHz model sells for $2949. You'll also have to wait for your brighter and shinier Intel-based pro Apple notebook: current shipping times are 2-3 weeks.

I have yet to see one of these in the wild, and it's hard to say what my reaction would be. Apple has obviously done a fantastic engineering and design job on their latest PowerBook line. Notice how virtually nothing changed between PPC and Intel machines - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Still, it's good to have choices, even if they're $449 choices.

[via The Apple Blog]

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