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New Oblivion add-on inspired by Goonies


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Speaking about the upcoming 'Thieves Den' Oblivion download, Bethesda developer Ashley Cheng explained, "Basically, it's Goonies." The downloadable mission will task players with taking control of a cavernous lair, which houses an abandoned pirate ship. Once the ship is yours, you're free to assemble a merry band of pirates and get your loot on.

But if plundering ain't your thing, don't sweat it. According to Cheng, Bethesda has an additional 6–7 add-ons, including an epic dungeon, waiting in the queue. The plan is to release new downloadable content every 3–4 weeks as long as folks are playing. If you're concerned that these micro-downloads are taking the place of a hearty expansion, don't be. Bethesda still plans to release a full-fledged expansion or two.

The Thieves Den download should be available within the next two weeks. A price point has not been set.

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