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Reggie for President

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Looks like the higher ups at Nintendo of Japan must've been pretty satisfied with how they fared at this year's E3, because you can now call the Regginator the Reggident. S'right, Reggie Fils-Aime's been bumped to President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America, with current prez Tatsumi Kimishima now serving as chairman of the board and CEO. It was a long way up for the Reg since he came on at Nintendo a couple of years ago as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo of America, from his humbler beginnings shilling stout for Guinness, cheesy bread for Pizza Hut, and pharms for Procter & Gamble. His real ultimate power over the American consumer market, however, is now manifest, and we suspect we'll all be able to expect more of the same continued ass kicking, name taking, and game making from NOA, et. al.

[Thanks, Alex]

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