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T-Mobile launches Motorola V195 and Samsung T209


T-Mobile's just introduced a pair of entry-level phones, the Motorola V195 and the Samsung T209. The Moto is the more capable of the two, with Bluetooth and quad-band capabilities, as well as a speakerphone and voice activated dialing -- no camera though. Talk time is promised to be up to eight hours, and it weighs in at 3.6 ounces. The Samsung is pretty barebones, with nothing much of note besides the speakerphone and instant messaging capabilites. But hey, it comes in your choice of red or blue, and it is pretty lightweight at 3.3 ounces. Talk time for it should be around five hours. The V195 runs $40 and the T209 a paltry $20, with a contract of course.

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