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HD DVD and Blu-ray movies released on June 20th 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

The war officially starts tomorrow when the first Blu-ray movies hit the shelves. I am not sure if they are launching with a bang, I mean nine titles with only one non-Sony title isn't as impressive as many have hoped, but It is still over twice as many as HD DVD started with. It should start to get real interesting in the next month or so when some other studios join the party.

HD DVD is going to keep it's lead for the time being bringing the total number of movies to 26 from 24 with two more from Warner. Has anyone else heard of these movies? We haven't, but we thank Warner for continuing to crank out the titles.

Sony is brining out some heavy hitters the first week out, but nothing earth shattering. There are a few movies that should do a good job of showing off the latest format, like Underworld: Evolution and The Fifth Element. If you were Sony which movies would you have launched this week?

For those keeping score HD DVD 26 vs Blu-ray 7.


Blu-ray [Updated for delayed Sony releases]

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