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Sound and Vision Mag's in-depth review of the Samsung BDP-1000

Matt Burns

We know this is a bit late into the game but it does come from a print magazine. Sound and Vision sat down and spent some quality time with the first Blu-ray player in the wild, the Samsung BDP-1000, and walked away kind of disappointed. Right of the bat, they experienced the same softness and graininess that everyone else did, but these big-wigs of the audio/video world got special treatment from Samsung and had the opportunity to view a corrected BDP-1000 next to the original flawed one. (Remember, Samsung went on record stating that the noise reduction circuit had been set to full, causing the picture to be soft and grainy) Did they see anything in the "new" player? Not so much - there was some difference but not a huge amount.

This is a very in-depth review and if you have been following this Blu-ray saga, this will be your cup of tea.

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