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NVIDIA releases Quad SLI for the masses


If you've got the cash to wrangle your very own Quad SLI setup, you're probably not far off from one of those snazz Alienware or Voodoo PC boxes, which give you all that graphic muscle with none of the hassle. But if it's DIY or bust, NVIDIA has just released the necessary Quad SLI drivers to the public, meaning you can finally have the joy of putting four horrendously expensive graphics cards into that trusty homebrewed box of yours. So, if you're thinking of taking such drastic action -- the necessary pair of GeForce 7950 GX2 SLI cards will cost you almost $1200 -- PC Perspective has the low-down on what to buy, and how to make it all work. Though you might want to peep their benchmark scores before you take the plunge, because 4x time video cards sure doesn't mean 4x the frames per second.

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