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"Gilligan's Island" coming to HD?

Matt Burns

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Would you watch Gilligan's Island if it was in HD? We would. You may very well have the chance as a Warner Bros. executive indicated a few days ago that this comedy along with some other classic shows are going to be re-mastered in HD. It's a classic show that was recorded on film so the transfer to high-def would be seamless. Kind of like how Hogan's Hero's on HDNet looks so good. Picking up old classic shows and re-broadcasting 'em in high-def is something we hoped would happen a while ago. It just makes sense as most studios have vast library of classic film based shows that while they are older are still good. Wouldn't it be nice to have an HD TV Land where you could peep The Brady Bunch, Mork and Mindy, Bewitched and then even late at night, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? Sure, it would take some work but we are sure many of you would agree that some of these shows are worth watching then a good variety of non-HD prime time TV programs.

Would you be interested in watching classic TV Land shows in high-def?

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