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Game thieves caught after reselling games next door

Evan Blass

We have a special place in our heart for stupid gadget criminals over here at Engadget, not so much because we pity their lack of intelligence, but due to the consistent comic relief they tend to provide us and our audience; regular readers of this site will probably remember such dim-witted individuals as the laptop thief who got busted for contacting customer support, the gentleman who snatched a handset from a gathering of cellphone experts, and of course, the clueless teenagers who were caught trying to extort a ransom for the iPod they had just stolen. Well the latest in this series of tragi-comic tales comes to us from Berryville, Arkansas, where two young men had made a habit of stealing videogames from the local Wal-mart by stuffing them down their pants. They probably thought that they were pretty clever by removing the games from their cases so as to discard the ever-present security tags, but what turned out to be their downfall was the fact that they would immediately sell the stolen discs to a GameStop location -- one that was located right next door to the Wal-mart! It didn't take long for the ace sleuths in the 'mart's loss prevention department to make the GameStop connection, after which the two braniacs were quickly identified by police detectives perusing the stores' security footage. Oh, how we love stupid criminals: we keep getting older and (arguably) wiser, but they stay just as stupid.

[Via Joystiq]

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