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Nanotech napkin to detect bacteria, viruses

Cyrus Farivar

You know how your mother told you to wipe your mouth after you eat? Well, if you're afraid that your eating area is infested with biohazards, you may find yourself wiping a lot more in the near future. Researchers at Cornell University announced last week that a "biodegradable absorbent wipe" is in the works, which would signal -- possibly through a color change -- if the surface it touches is infested with bacteria, viruses, or other "dangerous substances" by employing embedded nanofibers. Prof. Margaret Frey of Cornell says that this napkin is still "a few years away" from being available to the public -- so in the meantime, you may still want to use that e-nose to detect bugs that infect your bagged spinach food supply.

[Via Sci Fi Tech]

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