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One naked Troll, a dream, and a lot of free time

David Nelson

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Is this fellow for real? From all indications, he is.

Juffowup,the author of this blog, has leveled a Troll hunter from 1-60 completely naked. Apparently he has been doing this for a while, but I didn't notice his exploits until the guys at Paladin Sucks linked to his blog. While the naked Troll's spelling, grammar and site design leave a little to be desired (and he seems to love using the adult language, so if that offends, avoid his blog), his determination to hit 60 with a naked toon is interesting. Apparently he accomplished some of his naked leveling on the Mal'Ganis server, but not all of it...he transferred to the server after rather rudely leaving his last realm.

I am not suggesting you read the entire write up on his blog, heck, I could barely get through the first few posts, but this is definitely worth a look from the morbid curiosity department. At the very least you could chime in with an overpowered hunter argument, but I guess with persistence you could do this with any class. Has anyone crossed paths with Jeffowup? What do you guys think? WoW geek of the year material here? It would be nice to give Longarms some competition.

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