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Sharp develops in-car LCD with 1500:1 contrast ratio

Darren Murph

We all know those analog gauges are going the way of the dodo eventually, and Sharp is hoping to accelerate their demise by unveiling an in-car LCD that boasts an unparalleled contrast ratio. While we've seen an LCD instrument panel in the svelte new Mercedes, its utility is still a bit limited; Sharp's rendition, however, touts a 1500:1 contrast ratio -- "triple that of the best alternatives" -- and can produce deep blacks that match up with dark dashboards in addition to displaying full-motion video. The unit has been road-tested to withstand the usual bumps and jerks associated with cruising on (or off) those brutal highways, and can convey a myriad of useful information not possible with those plain ole mounted needles. The 8-inch panel sports an 800 x 480 resolution that shows the typical speedometer, tachometer, and fluid levels, but also packs the ability to queue up navigational maps and backup cameras to keep you on track. While we haven't heard which (if any) automakers are placing bulk orders for these uber-contrasty LCDs, we aren't exactly sure how much good it will do you if the whip ends up driving itself.

[Via BornRich]

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