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Samsung announces S60-powered SGH-i520

Chris Ziegler

Nokia gets the lion's share of the attention when it comes to the S60 platform and Symbian generally -- perhaps rightfully so, considering they ship far more Symbian-based smartphones than any other vendor -- but Samsung would like to politely remind everyone that they're an S60 licensee, too. Their latest effort, the SGH-i520 slider, had its coming-out party this week at the Symbian Smartphone Show, and the spec sheet looks to give Nokia's E- and N-series multimedia powerhouses an honest-to-goodness run for their money. The typical 2-megapixel camera and QVGA display aside, the i520 packs an HSDPA radio -- something no released Nokia handset has managed to do; granted, the N95 does it, but we've got a little wait ahead of us for that monster. Lucky owners also get a microSD slot should they find the 45MB of usable storage a bit light, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, and a front-facing VGA shooter for those ever-popular video calls. Per protocol, it doesn't seem that a US launch is in the works, but one can never be sure; stranger things have happened.

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