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Street-legal Red Victor One does 0 to 60 in one second

Cyrus Farivar

Sometimes we feel its not nearly often enough we get to write about "normal" gas-eating cars here on Engadget. It's even more rare that we get to write about a car of this caliber. Meet the Red Victor One, the pride and joy of automatic transmission specialist and car buff Andy Frost. This 45-year-old Briton has spent what he estimates to be £100,000 ($187,000) souping up this 1971 Vauxhall Victor to include a 2200bhp 9.3 liter V8 engine. What does that mean? This street-legal (we repeat, street-legal) ride can go zero to 60mph in one second, or can travel 1/4 miles in 7.8 seconds. It even comes with a really sweet racecar-style interior and seatbelts. Our words really can't do it justice, so just zoom on over to the YouTube vid already.

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