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Sonic for PS3 delayed -- it's like rain on your wedding day

Nick Doerr

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Did we seriously just quote Alanis Morissette? It seems so, but think about it: Sonic, a very very fast hedgehog, is delayed... so, so, so, he's got to like, slow down. Isn't it ironic, don't you think? Ahem. Back to things that make sense. Sonic is going to miss launch day. By a bit. So, for those of you crazy speed fanatics craving the latest in the blue blur's adventures, sorry. Expect it "sometime this holiday season". Interestingly, IGN capitalized holiday, as if the word "Holiday" actually refers to a single, important event. Being PC is lame, but insulting people is even more so.

Why did Sonic get pushed back? While we'd like to think the game is undergoing reconstruction after the XBox Live demo incited massive movements against the game, that probably isn't it. Sega claims that they need more time to incorporate downloadable content. Stages? Items? ...Why not just give us a full, complete game? Downloading stages would not be cool. Unless they're optional, bonus, multiplayer... whatever. Oddly enough, downloadable content will be available on day one of the PS3 launch -- probably the demo. Keep your fingers crossed for a December release and a tweaked camera.

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