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The HTC Cavalier: followup to the Excalibur

Ryan Block, @ryan

Right on cue, now that everyone's got an Excalibur (i.e. T-Mobile Dash), HTC's latest creation shows up online. Obviously the successor to the sleek Excalibur, the Cavalier doesn't look as refined to these jaded eyes, but it's certainly got the horsepower under the hood to make up for its sharper, more Blackberry-esque lines. For starters, that 200MHz OMAP is now a 400MHz, which is just what's needed to power the UMTS / HSDPA. It's also got a higher capacity battery (though not by much -- 1050mAh over 960), a 2 megapixel camera, and the requisite 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. Don't worry about it though, it won't make it to America until late spring by our wholly unscientific estimates, so your investment is safe for at least a couple months before importers make you miserable with longing.

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