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Head and Shoulders alerts public to dandruff threat with ceiling cams


You may have seen or heard of marketing campaigns that are annoying or even offensive in their own right, but it's not very often that you'll see one that aims to notify the viewer of a personal annoyance: in this case, that they're suffering from a socially unacceptable hair-based ailment. That's not to say that Head and Shoulders' photo booth-based dandruff detecting campaign is an entirely benevolent one, but we appreciate the thought nonetheless. Saatchi & Saatchi was the agent behind the idea of placing a camera into the ceiling of British photo booths in order to deposit a photo of the recipient's hairline, with the obvious intention of selling their client more shampoo. Although the British may be used to 24/7 surveillance nearly everywhere they travel, at least in those cases they can fool themselves into believing that the only eyes on the other end are those of a bored security guard. With the dandruff detector, the suspicion is far more personal: how is an innocent Briton to know that information on their bald patch won't be surreptitiously stored and resurface years later in the form of anti-balding marketing leaflets through their door? Yes, that was a joke, but we're sure there are still going to be people that won't take lightly to being told by a photo booth that they should wash their hair more often. As they'll no doubt argue, isn't getting a photo of one's face traumatic enough? Personally, we know exactly what to bring if we ever had to visit one of these -- that tin foil hat hasn't failed us yet.

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