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Ryan Block
R. Block|01.04.07

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Ryan Block
January 4, 2007 3:31 PM
Engadget Software

People have been developing small bits of Engadget software and whatnot for a while now, so we figured it was time to give them a proper home. Enter Engadget Software! We thought a few of these might be useful with CES coming up and all, so check 'em out.

Developers: the proposition is simple. Develop Engadget software, and as you might expect, we'll post about it -- but we'll also host your builds here. Sorry, we're not offering CVS, purchasing services or anything like that, just a fat pipe for the community to download your Engadget software creations.

Users: feel free to check back here for the latest versions. We can't guarantee they won't blow up your computer or crash a lot or anything, but where else are you going to find Engadget software? Also, we'd love to hear about what kind of Engadget software you'd like to see built -- maybe someone who's up to the task will start in on the project (see above).

Check out our widgets after the break!

Apple OS X Dashboard widget (v2.1)
By Nicolas Vignolo
V2.1: Very pretty Dashboard widget with early (read: not yet functional) support for all foreign translations of Engadget. Sorry, our foreign sites are not yet using our new feeds, don't blame Nicolas.

P.S. -Anyone remember version 1?

Windows Vista Gadget (v1)
By Andy Earnshaw
V1: We haven't tested this one yet, but Andy did a slick job with the design. We can't wait to check it out on our new Vista-loaded Ferrari laptop. Oh, wait... Anyhow, Andy welcomes suggestions here.

Yahoo! Widgets widget (v1)
By Maneki Neko
V1: We haven't yet tested this one, but it looks like this is your joint for Engadget + Yahoo! Widgets that work right now. Let us know! (Oh, there are also plenty more here, including a Spanish version.)

Konfabulator / Yahoo! Widgets, um, widget (v1.01)
By Akram Hussein
V1.01: Looks like Akram hasn't updated this puppy in a while, and from the sound of things it no longer works since we went through our redesign. You might want to give Maneki Neko's widget (above) a try.

Software ideas:
Google Desktop widget
Media Center plugin
Chumby plugin
Optimus Mini three plugin
Engadget themes for Opera, Firefox, Windows, etc. (Thanks, Josh)

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Leave 'em here and we'll add the good'ns (with credit)!
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