Stop the format wars! This disc is both Blu-ray and HD DVD!

Warner Bros has announced it will unveil a videodisc next week, dubbed Total HD, that plays in both HD DVD and Blu-ray drives. We've known about this decision since September, when the studio filed a patent for such a disc. (Though the patent mentions embedded DVD, this news report doesn't.)

The ramifications of such a disc, if it's priced to compete, would render the format wars obsolete. If you're planning on buying a new-gen game console based on the HD disc it can play (and the PlayStation 3 is a bargain for a Blu-ray player), the adoption of Total HD discs would make the decision a tad easier (and more game-specific).

Will the disc have the goods? We'll find out the full details next week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

"But that plays on Blu-ray, you can't stick it in there."

"Watch me!"

"Oh ... Oh, my."

[Via Firing Squad]