Samsung stuffs PMP functionality inside its i70 digicam

If any one company had a lot of steam to blow off today, not to mention a lot of new kit to unveil, it was Samsung. (Potentially) rounding out the barrage of Blu-ray players, printers, DVD recorders, and just about everything else we could imagine is a svelte new digicam that pulls double duty as a PMP. The 7.2-megapixel i70 camera sports a sleek, silver / black motif, 3x zoom, three-inch LCD monitor, and a unique sliding cover that reveals a 9-button user interface when opened. Additionally, it sports that oh-so-handy intelligent face recognition feature that's (thankfully) becoming quite a common feature among new cams. Sliding away from the photography side a bit, the i70 also mimics a basic PMP, playing back MP3s, video files, and even text files while on the go. Couple that with a MPEG4 720 x 480 resolution (at 15fps) movie mode and you've got a fairly capable device that still fits the subcompact mold. Of course, Samsung didn't stop to let us know how much this sucka would run you, nor how long we'd have to wait to see it in stores, but surely we won't have to hold out too much longer.

[Via LetsGoDigital]