Pioneer's 2007 A/V receivers range: big on XM / Sirius satellite radio

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
January 8th, 2007
Pioneer's 2007 A/V receivers range: big on XM / Sirius satellite radio
Pioneer today announced four new A/V receivers -- lovingly designated as the VSX-517, VSX-817, VSX-917V, and VSX-1017TXV (pictured) -- three of which feature compatibility with Sirius' SiriusConnect SC-H1 and XM's Connect & Play Satellite Radio solutions. The VSX-1017TXV top-of-the-range THX Select 2 certified model also features iPod connectivity -- seriously, what doesn't in this day and age? -- via a separate and optional iPod docking station. All four receivers feature Pioneer's proprietary digital sound processing technologies which are designed to adapt the audio output to different room spaces, as well as Pioneer's Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration for optimizing sound across several channels. Now for the raw specs: the first three models are all capable of pumping 110 Watts over each of their 7 channels -- 5 in the case of the VSX-517 -- with the top end 1017TXV upping that another 10 to 120 Watts/channel output. Only the top two models (VSX-917V and VSX-1017TXV) feature HDMI video switching, so if you opt for either the VSX-517 or VSX-817 you'll have to settle for their audio-only coaxial and optical inputs. Pioneer is asking $199 for the VSX-517, $299 for the VSX-517, $399 for the VSX-917V, and has yet to make its mind up on a tag for the VSX-1017TXV. Bar the top end model which will be available in July this year, all other models will be up for sale in April.
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