Comcast DVR with TiVo: pics, features

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|01.10.07

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Barb Dybwad
January 10th, 2007
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Comcast DVR with TiVo: pics, features image
Comcast DVR with TiVo: pics, features image

We snagged a bunch of pics of the Comcast DVR with TiVo software for you -- pictured above is a new way to find shows, different from previous TiVo searches -- as you search it simultaneously looks for title, actor, director, etc. and if there are no results, there's an "add wishlist" option which saves you from having to look for that same show again. Once it's on the wishlist, it will be recorded automagically the next time something fits that query. Click on for more pics of the interface after the break.

The wishlist in action, above.

The guide filtered to show only movies.

Season Passes with option to "Get in HD, if possible"

Now when in a folder, you can see the description of the show without actually selecting it.

Dual tuner support has been enhanced; it now shows the name of the program on the other tuner.

Only the Comcast unit will have this On Demand interface feature, unless the Series3 starts to support VOD.

To Do List has been updated to make it easier to view; again they are using the "TiVo list" style view.

VOD screen with price.

New dual tuner control banner.
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