Wii Warm Up: and now, sensationalism

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|01.12.07

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Wii Warm Up: and now, sensationalism
Today's Warm Up topic is one of those things you just know is going to snowball (like the wrist straps) and be the next silly mainstream spaz session we'll be unlucky enough to see on Fox News. It seems that the outcry against the Wii as a gateway into the seedy world of internet pornography has begun.

Here's the deal: a few adult-oriented sites have decided to optimize areas for the Wii browser, in the same way we saw Finetune offer Wii-friendly content. But there are some people who freak out any time adult content is made more accessible, because they invariably add the phrase "for children." And this week, it's a news station in Texas that's making a fuss about the potential damage to the children ... because, after all, video games are only for kids, right?

Adults -- that's right, people over the age of 18 -- are an enormous slice of the gamer pie, and yet we are consistently ignored any time someone brings up game or console content. No one talks about the adults, who have every right to play whatever they want ... just like no one talks about measures like parental controls, or hey, good ol' fashioned supervision. We're gonna guess that you probably don't think of the Wii as a devil machine, or you wouldn't be here, but we are curious about your take on this whole situation.

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