Valhalla Knights US preview online [Update 1]

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|01.13.07

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Valhalla Knights US preview online [Update 1]

We've talked about Valhalla Knights before, but as the US release draws ever closer we find ourselves sucking in any available info like a sponge that wears pants but isn't square. IGN just put up a preview of the version and they describe how the gameplay works and what makes the game unique.

The biggest emphasis in the game seems to be about choice and players will not just choose their class, but at any given time will be able to choose what mission they go on from the guild. Once they do get to battle, the emphasis is on real-time combat with close or ranged attacks. This non-linear picking up quests in town element and the method of fighting make it sound like it could please Monster Hunter fans.

Check out IGN to read more about the game and see screens.

[Update 1: Corrected some formatting errors.]

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