Casio booth tour

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|01.15.07

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Casio booth tour

How did Casio, arguably best known for its calculators and watches (and those cool little programmable synths that to this day no church choir goes without), hold its own against its more massive booth brethren? One word for you: bull. Click on for more action from the Casio rodeo tour.

The gimmick was that the bull was surrounded by a ring of these Exilim EX-S770s, so you could test out the cameras by focusing on the bull riding babe. This was supposed to make the whole bull thing seem less completely random than it still totally was. Of the camera we'll say "dang, Hoss, that's slim aight!"

Features a killer Burt Bacharach preset.

Need a kiosk? Casio got ya covered.

This is exactly where we keep our cameras at home -- don't you?

Bread, meet butter.

The G'zOne features "gunfire vibration," which is more than we can say for the SIXAXIS. But does Verizon include ammo refills in your monthly plan?

Listen up, people -- you're in error if you've been calling this phone the "Gee-zone," as in the letter G (or as in G-Shock -- go figure!). This phone is pronounced "Jeez-won" as in, "Jeez Wally, you're a good guy." In that "evocative of 5th grade" sort of way.

The G'zOne sleeps with the fishies. Its claim to fame is that you can send SMS from underwater, in case you get, like, totally bored whilst snorkeling.

The Casio PHYS watch series for you sporty types. The only thing it won't do is actually run for you.

The G'zOne breaks those chains of love. We're pretty sure these mirrored, rotating pedestals were expressly designed to be vexing to journalists taking photographs.

The inimitable G-Shock line, for those of you who enjoy beating your wrists on rocks.

Notice that nobody is testing the Exilims?

Slowest. Bull ride. Evar.

If you like, browse the gallery at high-resolution.

Casio booth tour
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