Strategy grows up on the DS

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|01.15.07

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Strategy grows up on the DS
UK site Pocket Gamer recently sat down for a pair of interviews with Sproing's Johanna Schober to discuss the upcoming DS strategy game Panzer Tactics, and the first subject on the table was Advance Wars. With Panzer Tactics, it seems Sproing set out to make a more "grown up" version of the beloved DS strategy title -- one with more depth and challenge, as well as a real historical setting, so that strategy fans would have something with a little more meat to balance against the fun of Advance Wars.

They also spent a little time discussing the online aspect of Panzer Tactics, which is easily one of the most exciting aspects of the forthcoming title. According to Schober, "The game allows you to narrow your search to certain map sizes or the amount of currency available. And before the game starts, you'll always see who you're playing with, so you can decide whether you want to enter that game or not." Further, there is a system in place to track those folks who so conveniently "disconnect" when they're not having the best game ever. That's sure to be a breath of fresh air in online DS gaming!
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