Import game releases for the week of 01/21/07

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|01.21.07

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Import game releases for the week of 01/21/07

Your PSP plays import games and every week we let you know what's coming out from Japan. This week's game amount is huge, so without further delay, here's this week's list:

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Lost Regnum: Makutsu no Koutei

This hack and slash action RPG was said to "make for a nice little import" from IGN. The game also features co-op, so you can juggle enemy bodies around the stages with a friend. The visual style makes the game look a bit like Conan the Barbarian. Of course, the game is likely to be dialogue heavy, so import only if you know Japanese or just want to destroy monsters in an ARPG regardless of the plot.

Akira te Chou te Nou de Kanjite Crossword Tengoku

I really couldn't find out much about this game, but it has crossword in the title and is from Sega's Brain Age rip-off series. These sorts of games really don't make for great imports either way, so it may be best to stay away from this one.

Breath of Fire III (CapKore)

This one should be familiar to gamers. This is the best of re-release, so it's a cheaper way to pick the game up if you're interested. Of course this is an RPG and not an easy import if you don't know Japanese. On the other side of things, if you do decide to import, there are plenty of walk-throughs for Breath of Fire III, so you'd be able to play the game if you have patience. For hardcore Breath of Fire fans, this may be worth the cash.

Gradius Portable (Best Version)

This collection did come to the US, so even the budget "best" version of this game is likely more expensive for what you could get it for here. If you can't find it on store shelves or online though, importing isn't a bad option. Shooters make for great imports since dialogue really isn't an import part of the experience.

Parodius Portable

This is a great game to import if you like shooters and humor. I have to say I want to buy this one myself. Konami's parody shooter series is infamous and beloved and having them all in one collection at a cheap price is a bad ass deal.

Rockman X: Irregular Hunter (CapKore)

I love Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. This is just the Japanese version of that game, so you don't need to import it. Just go to your local game shop and buy it.

Routes Portable

A regular boy put in an unordinary situation and lots of hot classmates surround him. Can he handle becoming a Top Class Agent? This is your typical Japanese adventure game and while it'd probably be an enjoyable and sexy adventure, the language barrier is likely a deal killer since this game is text heavy. I do love the character designs though.

Salamander Portable

Most of the games in this shooter compilation never came to the US and so it's likely this will be a hot import. Life Force is probably the only game US fans are familiar with in the series. If you've played that game and enjoyed it, than this is a worthy import.

Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper (CapKore)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 already came out in the US and it's not too hard to find, so unless you aren't having any luck doing so, this isn't worth importing.

Twinbee Portable

Between Twinbee, Salamander, Gradius and Parodius, this is a huge week for shooter fans. This game has a festive feel to it, but isn't quite as wacky as Parodius. If you like shooters, this collection is worth the import.

That about does it. Otaku need not worry though, there'll be more import games next week!

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