More details surface for Verizon's PN-820

Michael Caputo
M. Caputo|01.23.07

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Every now and then, Verizon will play with our emotions by setting a launch date for a device and then pulling it back when that info gets leaked by one of our tipsters. It wasn't too long ago when The Roc showed us pics of the device. Since then, the stores have received the dummy units and the price points have been set, so the actual launch can't be too far off. Thanks to HTC Kid, he was able to smuggle out the pricing which is listed as $349.99 commitment free, $299.99 on a one year, and $249.99 on a life long two year contract. Oh yeah, he reports that it should be in retail for launch on February 16th. Hopefully, it won't get delayed any longer as it may turn out to be last year's news if it does.
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