If customer previews were all you had to go on

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|01.23.07

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If customer previews were all you had to go on

Imagine if video game sites and magazines didn't do previews on upcoming games. That'd be a terrible world. But just think of an even more hellish existence, where these customer previews were all you had to go on before buying a game:

Ghost Rider

"This game looks stupid, if this game is as good as the movie, it will still suck! "

Call of Duty 3: Roads to Victory

"Call of Duty is so cool for the PSP. It has great graphics and is a best shooter and war game for the PSP. It has great leavels and they aren't to hard and they aren't to easy. You will all be exited when it comes out."

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Marvel Trading Card Game

"This might be like Pokemon trading card game. I love Pokemon and you should also."

Rainbow Six: Vegas

"Ok well this gam rainbowsix: vegas well we be able to play they have on the xbox360. cuz it hard like as cool ont there but i don't know how to play xbox. So that the first questoin. second: well there be a way for me to do every thing they systesm have like repeling off a skyscrper or hiding behind slot machine and stuff like that. "

Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road

"this game is hot link and you should get jaguan"

The Warriors

"it is alsom you race all the time its the coolest racing game ever"

All customer previews quoted from ebgames.

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