Garmin Nuvi 680 reviewed

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Donald Melanson
January 25, 2007 4:16 PM
Garmin Nuvi 680 reviewed
Garmin's Nuvi 680 isn't exactly a major upgrade, virtually identical in appearance and features to the company's earlier Nuvi 660, with the notable exception of added MSN Direct support, which proved to be enough to get the folks at GPS Lodge to check it out for a full review. On that point, they found the 680 to mostly deliver the goods, with MSN Direct features like weather information and gas prices well-incorporated easily accessible. The MSN Direct Traffic feature, however, looks like it'll prove to be more useful to some than others, largely dependent on the coverage in your area. As for the 680's other functions, GPS Lodge found that the unit unsurprisingly performed identically to the Nuvi 660 -- in other words, very well. You'll still have to wait until March to get your hands on one, when it'll retail for $999 (including a free year of MSN Direct). Until then, you'll just have to make do with checking the weather on your coffee pot.
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