5,000 shares of Super Smash Bros? Buy! Buy! Buy!

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|01.27.07

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5,000 shares of Super Smash Bros? Buy! Buy! Buy!
http://www.thesimexchange.com/index.phpHave you ever wanted to go to a website where you can trade video games like stocks and bonds in an effort to get filthy rich (virtually)? We thought so. Well, now you can. The Sim Exchange is a site much like the Hollywood Stock Exchange where you can bank on the fact that a game will be a sleeper, a straight out hit, or a flop, and trade accordingly.

What would really make this challenging would be if you could bid on if a game would hit its release date or not. Like Duke Nukem Forever. Right now Halo 3 is sitting atop the most valuable list, and Viva Pinata heads the most traded of all time. Strange, yet true.

Sign up, compete against others, and then reflect on the fact that you're playing a game which is a simulation that uses games as the nuts and bolts of the matter. It's like a Russian nesting doll that never ends.
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