Bacterial Orchestra creates living cellular sound

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.27.07

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Bacterial Orchestra creates living cellular sound
While a vast majority of us probably prefer to keep grimy bacteria at bay, Olle Cornéer, Christian Hörgren, and Martin Lübcke actually seem rather fond of it. In yet another instance where "music" is made out of cacophonic tones, the Bacterial Orchestra at New Media Meeting in Norrköping, Sweden has reportedly belted out incredible sounds, creating some sort of "musical organism." The experiment was conducted in a underground corridor where an assortment of "cells" were equipped with microphones and speakers, and apparently, the programmed players picked up sounds from their surroundings and "played it back in sync." Purportedly, the organisms adapt to their environment and "learn" through experiences, and they were even said to create "cheers" (echos?) when groups of visitors came clamoring through. We'll admit, we're a bit baffled about this so-called "self-organizing evolutionary musical organism" as well, but until we hear a few sound clips or see this thing in person, our skeptic hats are remaining firmly seated.

[Via SciFiTech]
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