Canon announces new iVIS DVD camcorders

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Canon announces new iVIS DVD camcorders
Canon may not have been able to keep its new HV20 HD camcorder under wraps, but it seems to have fared better with its announcement of this new pair of DVD camcorders in its iVIS line, revealing details on them on its own terms. The iVIS DC50 looks to be the more capable of the two, with a 5 megapixel CCD, 10x optical zoom, 2.7-inch widescreen LCD, and a miniSD slot, although it appears to be for still pictures only. The iVIS DC200 takes things down a notch to a 680,000 pixel CCD, but increases the optical zoom to 35x, with the camcorder packing the same 2.7-inch widescreen display and still picture-only miniSD slot. Look for both to hit Japan sometime next month, with the DC50 expected to come in around 100,000 Yen ($830) and the DC200 running about 60,000 Yen ($500).

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