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Wii "CycloWiz" modchip reviewed

Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|January 31, 2007 8:34 PM

With Wii modchips busting onto the scene all over, well, at least two of them now, it's about time we got an idea of how well these things actually work. MaxConsole just took the CycloWiz for a spin -- the second modchip to be announced, but supposedly the first one to be hitting the market -- and they seem to dig what they see. For starters, the installation is a snap, with "quick-solder" holes to make it a bit harder for you to screw things up, and an LED indicator to let you know if you do. As for compatibility, everything works as advertised, with Wii and GameCube backups working just like original discs, and GameCube hombrew working just fine as well. The big drawback is a lack of import support, which was done to make sure the Wii can't detect the modchip. This is solved on the GameCube side of things by GCOS, an open source hombrew OS for the GameCube that allows you to toggle your region, but sadly there's no hope yet for Wii games, since Wii homebrew is not supported. The upshot is that Nintendo has little chance of a software update that can disable this mod, but it also sort of defeats one of the main purposes of a modchip in the first place. There are also graphics problems with some PAL games right now, but future GCOS updates should resolve those. Otherwise, there's plenty to love, including full support of "audio-streaming" GameCube games, and multi-disc titles. The chips should hit resellers on Friday.

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