FlatOut Ultimate Carnage crashing into Xbox 360

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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage crashing into Xbox 360
ultimate carnageEmpire Interactive has announced a second sequel in its ragdoll-flinging FlatOut racing series, currently in development for Xbox 360. Bugbear developed FlatOut Ultimate Carnage will utilize a new game engine apparently designed specifically for Xbox 360 hardware; but don't rule out future appearances on PC and PlayStation 3 (the two previous FlatOuts were multiplatform). The basics are included: five single-player modes (likely padded with more minigames) and a pair of multiplayer modes with support for Xbox Live. Only 12 vehicles to choose from, but with downloadable content confirmed, perhaps Bugbear and Empire have plans to expand the menu post-release.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is scheduled for June. Its predecessor FlatOut 2, released just six months ago, recently surpassed one million units sold.
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